Saturday, May 11, 2013


I didn't exactly rush out of the house this morning, with rain pouring down, contrary to the forecast. But, with me in my Gortex raincoat and my belongings in ziplock bags in the backpack, I finally had to say goodbye to my wonderful hosts.

As I rode along on the bike, glasses spotted with raindrops, I pondered the subtle difference between "being committed" (as in, to a cause) and "needing to be committed" (in need of mental help).

However, I soon saw that I wasn't the only one out there in the rain. It was Saturday, and large groups of cyclists, walkers, runners, and kids on horseback weren't waiting for perfect weather. It felt good to have others out there.

At one point during the morning, I wondered why one part of my route was indicated by a brown line instead of the customary green. Oh. Should have guessed that one.

Luckily, it did clear up during the afternoon, while I searched in two towns for bike route maps for tomorrow's.  Why would a Tourist Information office choose to be closed on weekends?

In between locked up TI offices, I passed acre after acre of rich fields, but with buildings always close at hand. Also, canals, yet another shrine, an awesome castle, a walled abbey, and a my first windmill on this trip.

I'm spending the night in the exact opposite of last night's cozy home setting:  a big hotel right by a hiway and the Albert Canal. This evening's entertainment is, thanks to a website I found, carefully planning my route and writing down the dozens of umbers of the routes I'll take the next two days. I'll be entering Holland on Monday, and hope to get a route map at the big town, Bergen op Zoom, right on the border.

This iPhone has been a tremendous help on this trip.  And more importantly, my husband, who listens to all my blathering every night on the phone, posts my photos, and never comments on the cost of this trip (especially with a bike thrown in). Thank you, Bill!  I can't wait to be together again next week!


  1. Great pictures, Ruth. It seems like so much fun.

    1. Mary, at this point, the riding is fun, but I'm ready to come home. It has been a long haul.

  2. I'm so glad you have decided to ride. Hope this day is better. I love the pictures and your blog is great. Almost done!
    Love you

    1. Thank you, Barb! I'm glad too that I'm doing it by bike. Although on the first day, with threatening weather and unsure of finding my way, I was kind of wishing someone would steal the bike when I was in the Tourist Info office. :-)