Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As my bike salesman in Belgium probably knew (despite his promises), you can't ship an unaccompanied bike by train. So instead of returning it to him and getting some sort of a refund, my bike and I rode the train together about an hour and a half to the beautiful town of Haarlam, which is equidistant from the airport and Amsterdam.

Tourist information gave me the name of a bike shop, who directed me to another shop.  They agreed to buy my bike, but for just 1/3 of what I paid for it. I understand. It needs cleaning and work, I was obviously to get it off my hands and he needs to make a profit.  I kind of felt like I was giving away one of my puppies when I walked out with just my pack on my back.

Returning to the first shop, I happily left some of that money there, buying a cute cycling jersey. Makes sense to me.

The rest of my day involved icing my knee in my hotel room, walking slowly through the streets admiring the architecture, and touring the Frans Hals art museum.  I decided going into Amsterdam would involve too much walking.

I was floored by the number of bicycles in use. It was fascinating to see the kids being carried in various carts that are a part of the bike. Here are some that I managed to get a photo of, including the smallest folding bike I've ever seen (on the train).

So that's it. Off to the airport tomorrow, ready to get home, reunite with Bill, nest,  and wear different (clean) clothes.

That's it for now. Thanks for following my adventure.

The End for now.


  1. Great job! I know you enjoyed yourself but it sounded like a challenging adventure. I'm glad you will be home in clean clothes soon!

  2. Can't wait to see you and your new jersey! You completed the trip! You did it using the fantastic Ruth power and determination. Congratulations! Love,Mary Jo

    1. Thank you, Mary Jo! Now I'm ready to kick back and be weak for awhile. ;-)

  3. Ruth,
    With my busy schedule, I finally got caught up on your posts. I was surprised you were not still blogging. Got caught up and now understand why your trip was cut short. A bit disappointing I'm sure, but I am so glad that you listened to your body! I hope you are feeling better and recovering. Are you home now? Loved all your descriptions, pictures, and humor :o)