Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I had 4 things I needed to accomplish today in Maastricht: rest my feet and sore right knee, buy new shoes, get my clothes washed and mail excess items home. 

All items were successfully checked off the list. I will head out tomorrow morning and hope all body parts agree to the game plan. 

Here's a little pictorial summary of my day. The final photo shows how low I have sunk in my dining habits. I'm just so tired of eating out. 


  1. Ruth, I do hope your body cooperates and relieved that you bought a new pair of shoes. You have really done a lot of walking. Don and Bill went to the ballgame tonight and I am home still getting caught up. Take Care of yourself and best of Luck! Love, Mary Jo

    1. I'm getting ready to head out now. It's the first day in a week with cloud cover but dry. Backpack much lighter. Fingers crossed!

  2. I hope all goes well, Ruth. I'm glad you had some rest. There's no shame in McDonald's now and then. Do they have Rollo McFlurries in Europe? That was the last thing I had at a McDonald's. It was divine. Please don't keep going if you are in pain. It's supposed to be fun. I love your pictures.