Sunday, May 12, 2013


With rain falling over half the day, it sometimes felt like I was out there on the bike longer than I was, although 9 hours was already long enough. Not really recommended for knee repair, but surprisingly, it doesn't hurt when I ride, slow and steady and not a hill in sight. Despite the rain, I still enjoyed the riding. When it started to rain each time, I just pulled up my raincoat hood, wiped my glasses off with my fingers occasionally and accepted it.

I had a map showing the various cycle routes till noon, but then had to rely on the list of about 2 dozen numbers I had made last night from a website. Each number represents an intersection of recommended routes. When you reach that well-labeled point, you head in the direction that is indicated to your next numbered intersection. No daydreaming allowed (said from experience), because, without a map at hand, you don't know if that next point will come in 5 or 25 minutes. But the signage was flawless.

Today's sightings:  3 thatched roof houses, darling cottages that artist Thomas Kinkaide would love to put in his paintings, expansive greenhouses, a bread vending machine by the bike trail, 2 gorgeous windmills (non-functioning), another chateau, canals, a marsh-filled natural park (in Belgium?), more "Mary niches" built into houses, and my cute B&B with horses in the field out back.

Tomorrow I'll be entering the Netherlands, the European country with the highest population per square km. Only 2 days left of riding. I'm predicting more wind and rain, but will push on to finish this #%^*€ goal!

Final note:  Mary Jo, I need you here to complete this picture!


  1. It's kind of cold here in Wyoming, so don't worry about missing great weather at home. I'm sure the rain makes everything look clean and beautiful. The sheep don't seem to mind a bit.

  2. We'll find a place in the US for a picture. MJ