Friday, April 26, 2013


Today was a day of walking through fields and forests, as I eased my way out of Luxembourg's "Little Switzerland " region. There were both bad and good things that came with the day.

BAD:  our good friend, Rev. Bob Borden, was buried today
GOOD:  we are very thankful that the Borden family has been such an important part in our lives, particularly during our formative young-family years.

BAD:  it rained all day
GOOD:  my gortex jacket and cap served me well, and my clothes in the backpack stayed dry in ziplock bags

BAD:  I followed the wrong trail markers for 30 minutes before figuring it out. I admit this was my fault. Even though a quick check in my guidebook last night told me to follow the yellow circles and green triangles, I forgot and was seduced by the formerly acceptable yellow rectangles.  Geometry wasn't my best subject in school.
GOOD:  I was able to backtrack and find the right marks and trail. Live and learn.  Hopefully someday.

BAD:  major deforestation tore up some woods and eliminated all trail markers. I spent nearly an hour climbing over trunks, scrambling through piles of branches and slipping around in the muddy tracks left by the heavy equipment. NOT FUN.
GOOD:  my compass and map helped me find a forestry service road to get out of the mess, then to a country lane to get to my town, Diekirch, via a different route.

BAD:  my second hiking stick broke, following the lead of its partner 3 days ago
GOOD: Diekirch has a big sporting goods store, where I was able to buy a new pair of poles, which are essential on hilly, muddy trails.

BAD:  the walk to the store involved 45 more minutes on my legs
GOOD:  this justified my beer with dinner tonight

BAD: rain again tomorrow
GOOD:  only a 4 hour hike tomorrow (assuming...), where I'll spend 2 nights in Vianden. Rest day coming up!

So, in retrospect, it really wasn't such a ba-a-ad day after all!


  1. Ruth, We are following your blog and was able to get caught up today with your hike. We are glad that there was still a lot of good in your day. We arrived in Wyoming this afternoon with some wrong turns in the history of our ride, one flat tire, one dropped chain, and lots of hilly miles. We had a great time in Nashville but no line dancing for our weary legs. Best of luck and now we will be able to follow your hike. Love, Mary Jo and Evelyn

  2. MJ & E, I'm so glad that you made it home safe and sound. I hope the Natchez Trace was pretty. After all those TN and KY hills, I'll bet your legs are ready for some rest, even though you don't like that word.

    See you in 4 weeks! Thanks for following my trip.

  3. That sheep is way too cute. I hope he's just around for his wooly coat.