Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"Why not DRIVE in Luxembourg?  The gasoline is so cheap!"---my German breakfast partner at my hotel.

This was another good day, if one likes lots of walking (as in 8 full hours and maybe 18-20 miles) under blue skies. The GR5 had me going up and down countless times from villages along the Moselle to the high balconies of the vineyards. Great views, but you had to earn them

As yesterday, every hillside was used for vineyards. One enterprising dairy farmer, however,  found a very space-effective way to produce milk.

All went according to plan:  observing a long barge emerge from the locks at Stradtbredimus, interacting with the "locals" (ie: two different brief chats with guys working in vineyards), great views, and finally, time on trails in forests, instead of on pavement.

And this is where the problems began. As in, where are the GR5 signs?  The following photo of my pack and poles (they refused to take MY photo) is on the bridge where I had my last sighting of the familiar yellow rectangle.

After wandering around on various branches of the trail in the forest high above the river, I decided to head down to the river,  since I knew that was what I had to follow. A woman along the way directed me to a bike path along the busy main route, which eventually got me to my town and hotel for the night.  The chocolate cupcake consumed along the way made the traffic-filled final hour palatable.

A long day, but, in the words of my hiking buddy Ravi, these types of adventures are not just about the walking, but also managing the situations that arise. It always works out.

And, as I sit in a smoky little bar because it has wifi, I leave you with these lovely photos.


  1. Hmmm. I don't think the photos made it this time. It must be very frustrating when you can't find the trail marker. It is weird that it changed from a circle to a rectangle.

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