Monday, April 15, 2013


"For your information, I know where Portugal is without referencing a map. For some reason, the geography of the Middle East just stuck with me. Say hi to Kim Jong Un for me and make sure to try the Vegimite they're so famous for."--quote from son Jon

Yes, we are in Portugal but ,no, my Big Hike hasn't started yet. Stay tuned, that will begin exactly one week from now!

We are finding Lisbon to be bustling  but not frantic, with its vintage cable cars clanking up and down its hills, inviting outdoor cafes, grand squares, and an "old town" with a maze of narrow streets. 

Nearby Belem was the launching spot for the famous Portuguese explorers centuries ago. We enjoyed seeing a magnificent monastery there, as well as the tower that was one of the last sights here that the sailors saw.

One evening, we squeezed into a tiny restaurant where "Fado," the plaintive folk music of Lisbon, was sung by a variety of performers, including the kitchen crew!

I did get in some good walking today when we visited two palaces and a Moorish castle high on the hill above the town of Sintra. We rode the bus up and walked back down through beautiful forests. 

Unfortunately, we are experiencing many difficulties in being able to post photos on the blog right now. I'll keep trying, because Portugal is definitely worth sharing!

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