Monday, March 25, 2013


I have been gradually building up my distance and hill workouts during my walks. I was in super shape in January, getting ready to speed walk a marathon in March, when I accidentally slammed a foot into a door jamb, breaking the pinky toe. That set me back about 6 weeks, with a lot of catching up to do once the bones healed. The marathon was obviously put on hold till later this year.

I've been walking about 5 times a week, between 1-3 hours per session. I wear my hiking clothes and my partially loaded backpack on many walks.

Today's walk was cold, snowy and windy in Cincinnati's huge, historical Spring Grove Cemetery. Nonetheless, it was invigorating and very enjoyable.

The first of the following photos shows an angel that graces one of the tombstones in Spring Grove.

Our two "grand angels," Caitlyn and Maddie , were my hiking partners last weekend in Radner Nature Preserve in Nashville. I am going to miss them on the trails of Europe!

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